Real Estate WEALTH Summit - IRVINE, CA

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Saturday, May 4 2019 9:00 AM 5:00 PM PDT


Celebrate Realty411’s NEW Issue Featuring LEE ARNOLD from Cogo Capital. PLUS: On the cover of REI Wealth is Kaaren Hall from uDirect IRA Services.


Are you ready to Grow Your Real Estate Business, Portfolio and Network?
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18700 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, CA, 92612
Saturday, May 4th | 9:00 AM — 5:00 PM

Learn from TOP Leaders in the Industry! We are hosting Local & National Experts

* Mingle with OUR MOST VIP Vendors * Meet Local Leaders & Out of Area Investors

* NON-Stop Tips for Real Estate Success ~ Bring Lots of Cards.

* Mingle with Local Leaders & Industry Professionals from Around the Nation!

* Hosted by Realty411 – Magazine Publisher, Expo and REI Marketing Company

Realty411 magazine was first published in 2007 and is now the longest-running publication owned by the same owner – A veteran journalist, agent & active investor. We have reached thousands of readers & online followers in person and hope to meet you too.

Our mission is simple:

We strive to provide information about real estate to expand knowledge about the benefits of investing to as many people as possible.

We also believe in multiple streams of income and encourage others to own their own business for total financial freedom.

Our Expo Reflects Our Goals and Mission – Join Us to Expand & Grow

Please bring LOTS OF BUSINESS CARDS, it’s time to Network.


We give your the resources you need to CLOSE MORE TRANSACTIONS!

Pivotal Capital Group is a direct lender providing financing for non-owner occupied residential properties throughout California. We lend on fix and flips, ground up construction, bridge/acquisition, and small value-add multifamily property repositions.

Pivotal is well-capitalized with institutional private equity, and offers stability, strength, fast response times, and certainty of execution for our clients. -Loans from $100,000 to $15,000,000+ -California property -We hold, manage and service all loans internally -- We are a direct lender loaning our own funds. We are not a broker to other lenders.  They welcome loan submissions from brokers and are actively seeking new borrower relationships.

Learn to Profit from the Luxury Vacation Rental Market - with John Humphrey, Lux Home Pro

Discover How to Transform Residential Homes Into 6-Figue Profit Centers. John is a regular speaker to Chamber of Commerce events in Southern California and at the Rotary Club International

John has been developing small businesses for 20 years. A New York native, John and his wife Michelle moved to San Diego in 2002 and founded The Effortless Living Institute which was a consulting firm designed to help small business owners grow their businesses. In 2007 John founded Freshcojohn, a Franchise Sales and Development firm, which specialized in driving revenues for North America’s Premier Small Business Office Vending opportunity.

After a 7 year run John set his sites on his biggest development project, 1 UP Golf, which designs, builds, and operates luxury golf driving range entertainment facilities throughout the US.

Now, he comes to you as the Global Trainer and Partner of Lux Home Pro, a company designed to help individuals fund their retirements, dream homes, kids college tuitions, and lifestyles, by leveraging luxury real estate into the new shared economy.

His North American book tour for his latest #1 Best Selling book “The Lux Home Pro Formula for Your High End Home” makes him an ideal keynote speaker and entertainer for your next event.

With 10 of millions of dollars in sales revenues under his belt, John is a sought after sales and marketing consultant, facilitator, and speaker, entertaining stages from Australia to Ireland. He has authored 3 other books, Wake Up an Live the Life You Love, which he co-authored with Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra, The Rise of the Pink Warrior, and Footsteps of the Fearless.

His comedic and no nonsense approach to life and business makes it fun and entertaining for all who participate in his talks. In life and in business, follow two simple rules, Bet on Yourself, and Always Play The Long Game.


George Antone is a thought leader in the field of private lending and alternative investments, a lifestyle entrepreneur, the author of the best-selling books The Wealthy Code, The Banker’s Code and The Debt Millionaire, and an award-winning speaker on the topic of investing.

George is also a co-founder of the world’s largest network of private money-lenders. As the Chief Wealth Strategist for MPactWealth and his new company Fynanc, George challenges everything we know about personal finance and investing, and works to develop new and innovative strategies that help bring people closer to their financial goals and better, more fulfilling lifestyles.




Most people are seeking the “secret” asset that will make them rich. It doesn’t exist. In fact, the most important asset is “YOU” – You are an important asset to someone else (i.e. someone is making money off of you), OR you can choose to be your most important asset. When you recognize that you are indeed the most important asset with the best “returns” possible, then you need to start investing in yourself, your knowledge, and your well-being.


We have been conditioned to look for “returns” on everything. When you consider inflation and taxes, you will realize that your “break even” return is so much higher than what’s possible! And that is just to break even and maintain your purchasing power (you are not really building wealth); on the calculator you might be, but not in terms of “real” wealth. Furthermore, you have to maintain that high return every year in a compounding manner; In simple terms, it’s difficult. You have to instead focus on ALIGNING with the financial system so that it works for you. Everyone else is trying to go head-to-head against the financial system, and the result is slavery to the system.


We are always told that assets make you rich – That’s not entirely true. For example, we are told to invest in assets such as stocks, real estate, bonds, etc. Others talk about “personal finance.” Some talk about the monetary system. In fact, all of it is related. It’s all one big game of finance. The combination of it all is the right approach. It’s NOT the asset itself. In fact, it has been proven that the financing is the driver to wealth, not the asset itself. Once you understand this GAME of FINANCE, it becomes a lot more fun! It’s about taking a strategic approach to matching the capital, the capital structure, and the assets so that they work together harmoniously to generate the result you seek. To most people reading this, this sounds completely inaccurate. I know, I used to be one of them.


I have seen people that are so focused on the accumulation of wealth, that they never really enjoy what true wealth is all about. Seeking money for the sake of money itself will never make you happy. It’s important to always remind yourself that the accumulation of wealth is to allow you to live a life of passion, fulfillment and purpose. Adopt the idea of making money for sake of having a better life. When you do that, you will realize that over 90% of what you think you will do once you have it, you can already do right now without it!


The day you retire, you will look back and say one of two things: “I wish I was more involved in my finances” or “I’m glad I was involved in my finances.”

The day you are on your death bed, you will look back and say one of two things: “I’m glad I enjoyed life” or “I wish I took the time to enjoy life.”

Whichever of these you say is a direct result of you managing your finances or not. Pure and simple. So step up, take responsibility, and discover how much fun building financial security in your life can be. No on will ever manage your money better than you will. Your decision to become more responsible and manage your finances will help shape a better tomorrow.


Ask any successful person about their secret to success, and one of the things they will tell you is that it was a team effort. Same with your finances. You need to build and leverage a team to help you build financial security in your life. You must always be managing and making the decisions, but you need your team to give you their recommendations.

Discover How to Do MORE DEALS with Sunset Equity Funding

Benjamin Donel (“Donel”) is the managing member of Sunset Equity Funding, a private money lender and a private asset firm that purchases all types of properties at the trustee, notes or other security instruments in default and REO properties. Donel has engaged in hundreds of transactions through the trustee sales and has been working at the Trustee Sale for nearly 18 years, as an Attorney, Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Investor.

He is knowledgeable with all the knots and bolts of purchasing distress assets. His management team comprises of in-house Attorneys, Escrow Company, Real Estate Brokerage Firm, contractors, managers, CPA’s and other Real Estate professionals. His professional team and company structure has enabled him to buy, rehabilitate and flip properties in most expeditious manner with unmatched profit margins from other competitors.

Donel is a well-known real estate mentor, lender and educator with extensive knowledge in the area of foreclosure, trustee sales, and note purchases and lending.

As both a mentor and advisor, Donel has held numerous real estate seminars for various real estate entities and companies educating other professionals in the field of real estate.

Donel’s goal is to venture his company to new levels of achievements, by utilizing road map to success that has been perfected throughout the years.

Specialties: Hard Money Loans, Private Lending, Fix & Flipping, Auction Buying, Real Estate foreclosures, trustee sales, transaction, litigation and hard money lending.

Meet The Freedom Real Estate Group Team

Have you considered buy real estate out of state? If so, consider learning about the Ohio market with Freedom Real Estate Group.

Every step in our process was carefully designed by thier company leaders.   The Freedom Real Estate Group business model and value system has made us the #1 Home Buying Company across Ohio.  Allow us to introduce you to the people whom you may meet when you work with our team!

Dani Lynn Robison, Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Dani has been a Licensed Realtor, Distressed Property Specialist and Note Consultant since 2009.  She has participated in countless real estate transactions and evaluated thousands of houses. Dani’s joy comes from creating win-win situations that help sellers, buyers, and the community.

Dani grew up in Phoenix, AZ and earned an Music Performance degree from Southeastern University. She’s lived in Florida, Texas and Ohio and traveled on cruise ships for 10+ years where she met her husband, Flip.   She and her husband are the proud furry parents to one golden retriever, Tucker and two feisty bulldogs named Spartacus and Rosie.

Flip Robison, Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Flip started in Real Estate in 2008 as a home buying specialist, analyzing thousands upon thousands of properties. Everyday he looks for ways to improve the company’s systems to make the selling experience smoother and less stressful for home sellers. Bringing ethics, standards and professionalism to an industry that has a lot of unscrupulous investors is a driving force for him.

Flip was born in Ohio and raised in Michigan (he holds his hand up to point where he lived, ha). After he graduated from high school in ‘The Thumb’ of Michigan, he attended Michigan State University studying computer science and music performance. He played trumpet professionally all across the country, at Walt Disney World in Orlando and on Carnival Cruise Lines as a professional musician and Musical Director on some of the largest cruise ships in the world.  He loves to attend sporting events, ride roller coasters and you will occasionally find him out on the golf course searching for his ball!

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