Rockstar Real Estate Expo in Los Angeles & Property Tour

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2 Dates Through Jul 15, 2018


Schedule Your Holiday Around Our “Rockstar Real Estate Investor Weekend.”

We Have a JAM-PACKED Weekend this July 2018 — one designed for Maximum Learning and Up-Close and Personal Networking.

The “Rockstar Real Estate Investor’s Weekend” will Skyrocket Your Success!

This Realty411  Weekend, Includes:

  1. Complimentary Admission to July’s FRIDAY THE 13th “Get Lucky B2B Networking Conference” in Newport Beach on JULY 13th.  RSVP HERE.
  2. Complimentary Admission to Saturday’s “ROCKSTAR Real Estate Investor’s Expo” on JULY 14TH.  RSVP ON TICKETLEAP HERE.
  3. Specialized Training and an AMAZING Bus Tour with One of the Most Active Investors in Southern California.   RSVP ON TICKETLEAP HERE.

Thank you for joining us. Please read about the Rockstar Real Estate Expo here and also on our website:

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"I Don't Know Where I'm Going from Here, But I Promise It Won't be Boring," - David Bowie

Investing in California is not easy.  Prices are steep, competition is stiff, but the reward historically has been strong and steady appreciation.

The California market is currently causing major economic shifts. The state recently moved up to number five in global economic power -- It was number nine years twenty years ago, then it moved to number six in 2000. The state's strong sectors helped bolster its prominence: technology, entertainment, media, tourism, real estate, alternative energy. California's enjoys a diversified economy in the state's five major economic and geographic regions. 

Millions of people from around the world are also moving in, and housing is seeing a shortage and premium rents. Some coastal regions of California housing markets have appreciated up to 40% in value, the past three years alone -- normal appreciation has typically been 10% annually. This equates to choice properties in prime markets doubling in price every ten years or so.

What does this all mean to California investors?

Although entry into the market may be more difficult and expensive than other regions, the path to prosperity is shortened by strong ROIs, which can produce life-changing windfalls.

Hector Padilla, a real estate broker, accredited investor and entrepreneur, is one Californian who has greatly benefited from the Golden State's last 20-year-market cycles.

Beginning with his first purchase, a completely burned-out home in South Central Los Angeles, which he purchased with credit cards and by breaking his childhood piggy banks, to his $75K Hollywood parking lot that was flipped one year later for $1.75M. Hector Padilla is the American Dream personified; he became multimillionaire from real estate by age 29.

The Culver City-based broker has represented Realty411's publisher on numerous single-family and multi-family real estate transactions over the course of their 19-year friendship. The two met when Linda Pliagas, publisher, was hired as his first brokerage assistant.

On Saturday, July 14th at The Westin Hotel near LAX, (5400 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045), Hector Padilla will freely share his wisdom on the most valuable lessons he has learned from his $86M in local and national real estate acquisitions.

"You Can't Change the Past So Don't Let it Haunt You. You CAN Change the Future, But First You've Got to Want To" ~ Pat Benatar

How did Hector transition from being a regular real estate broker to an accredited investor purchasing $5M commercial deals in Brentwood?

What are some of the strategies that this native Angeleno uses to save time and money, all while creating his Ultimate Dream International Lifestyle?

Discover Golden Nuggets from one of the Golden State's most successful real estate investors.

In addition to sharing proven techniques that he has learned from his personal deals, and from his investment of over $200K in REI education, Hector will also reveal shortcuts that he has taken to expedite financial success so investors can savor "the good life" while they are still young enough to enjoy it.

Highlights for this spectacular day designed for guests to learn how to speed up wealth and Live the Ultimate Investor LIFESTYLE NOW, include:

Complimentary coffee and breakfast, afternoon appetizers for VIP guests, a charity drive highlighting an important and timely issue, plus numerous raffles, networking sessions, and words of wisdom from some of the most well-known figures of the REI world.

The Rockstar Real Estate Investor Expo & Summit will unite both national and local leaders, and include multiple breakout sessions for guests to choose the topic they wish to learn most about. Some of the niches to be discussed are:

  • Local and national real estate trends
  • Fixing and flipping
  • Land banking
  • Tax liens
  • Multifamily investing
  • Out of state investing
  • Property management
  • Leveraging with private funds
  • Business lines of credit
  • Investing in notes
  • The latest in real estate technology
  • Wholesale techniques
  • Diversification
  • Long-distance landlording
  • And so much more.

Saturday, July 14th will begin promptly at 9 am at the Westin by LAX (5400 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA), with registration starting at 8:30 am. Coffee and pastries will be served to all early-bird guests. A welcoming message will begin at 9:30 am. Education will take place in a theater for maximum viewing, engagement, and learning. Appetizers will be served to VIP guests, speakers and sponsors.

Guests will also watch highlights of Property Pitch, a 30-minuute TV pilot, which was developed with assistance from the publisher and team of Realty411 and filmed in January in Santa Monica, California. Some of the other powerful educators include:

Charles Sells with The Pip Group, Reed Blake with Business Capital Experts, Jasmine Willois with Note Assistance Program, Raul Avila with the AV Fund Group, Chris Meza with RTLand, Jason Kennedy, and so many more!

Rounding out an amazing weekend will be an Insider Bus Tour presented by Hector Padilla on Sunday, July 15th.

Hector who is also a GRI and Broker has been investing in the local area since his start in the business. Hector and his wife and business partner, Patty have invested globally and currently own a vacation rental in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Hector will give incredible golden nuggets, techniques that are only acquired from decades of hand-on and direct experience. Tickets for this all-day VIP PROPERTY TOUR are $1,397 and will go on sale soon. Realty411 guarantees the level of content and insight will far exceed this price of admission.

This wonderful tour will unite both investors from out of state, as well as locals, ranging from beginners to sophisticated landlords. Many potential and long-term Southern California investors have already per-registered to attend both events.

Fantastic networking will take place all weekend in Los Angeles on July 14th so be sure to RSVP for this awesome event, plus bring all your friends, colleagues and family members along. Plus don't forget about the property tour the next day, on Sunday, July 15th.

Realty411 magazine was originally developed in Los Angeles in 2007 as a way to give back knowledge, resources and spotlight national renowned real estate investors. Realty411 has been hosting events since the start of the publication and has reached thousands of personal investors around the country.  Realty411 frequently also highlights and raises donations for numerous charities, including: Los Angeles Mission, The Salvation Army, PTSD USA Camp Hope - The PTSD Foundaton of America, Orange County Transitional Women's Center, San Diego Mission, Santa Barbara Mission, and many more.



This custom-tailored CREATIVE real estate investor rehab tour will enable investors the amazing OPPORTUNITY to learn from the publisher’s first REI mentor.

Mr. Hector Padilla, President of HP Capital Investments, Inc., is also one of the people who has impacted the publisher the most in her 25 plus year career as a landlord and investor in Southern California.

For the affordable investment of only $1,497, students will learn incredible information that they can take back with them to CRUSH the real estate game in their market. Here is what you can expect:

  • Visit a 15-unit apartment building being remodeled across the street from a $3 Billion-Dollar development. Construction work is in progress.
  • Visit a former Motel that was converted to Executive Office Suites.
  • Meet with a City Councilman about what City looks for.  How can a building be repositioned for better use. Open question and answer session.
  • Two to three case studies on properties we visit.  We will review:
  1. How we found the subject property.
  2. Negotiations – How to structure the deal.
  3. How to ALWAYS have MONEY to close.
  4. How the JV was structured.
  5. Cost of rehab – Problems that can occur.

We are ending this VIP Bus Tour with cocktails at Hector’s personal Hollywood Hill’s house* on “The Celebrity Streets”, across the street from a $50,000,000 estate.

Plus, a professional photo opportunity in The Rolls, so you can see, feel and smell $uccess. We KNOW how the Law of Attraction works!!

*Disclosure: The property may go on the market in August of this year, and the listing price may be as high as be $40M or $50M. Please dress to impress for this outstanding bus tour.

Dress Code: Refined, business casual, thank you.


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